Wednesday June 3 2020


Members and Visitors are required to sign-in to the venue and provide contact details including mobile phone number or email.

Members and Visitors will be temperature tested at reception. Members and Visitors with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius will be denied entry.

Members and Visitors who feel unwell or who are displaying flu-like symptoms will be denied entry.

Physical distancing will be enforced with 1.5 metres between patrons. Patrons from the same household are exempt.

Members and Visitors are to follow directional signage and directives from Management and COVID-19 Marshals at all times.

Areas of the club have restrictions on the amount of people permitted, allowing 1 person for every 4 square metres or 50 people per area, whichever is less.

All patrons will be required to remain seated whenever possible whilst using the venue, movement throughout the club must be limited.

Groups of up to 10 people are permitted to sit together but must remain 1.5 metres apart unless they are from the same household.

Kind Regards,
Scott Lindsay
Chief Executive Officer