Dress Code


In order to preserve the Club atmosphere, Members and their Guests must be neatly attired at all times.

The following items are not permitted to be worn at the premises of the Club at any time:

• Hats/Caps except for special events or special functions as approved by management.

• Offensive or revealing clothing.

• Torn or dirty clothing.

• T-shirts with offensive motifs or unseemly language thereon.

• No clothing that is considered revealing.

• Clothing (including uniforms, jackets, patches, insignia or any other related paraphernalia) identifiable as related to any criminal gang or bikie gang.

• Leisure wear that is transparent when stretched or has offensive design printing thereon.

The Club reserves the right to refuse entry if dress or tidiness does not conform to the Club’s standards.
The enforcement of the policy is at the absolute discretion of the CEO, Duty Managers, or authorised delegate of the CEO.